Privacy Policy


The Pinellas County Estate Planning Council (“PCEPC”) will never share, sell or rent your personal information with anyone or entity without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. The personal Information you submitted to PCEPC is only available to members of PCEPC. Members of PCEPC are prohibited from providing third parties with the confidential information of PCEPC members, including but not limited to e-mail addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers, without prior written consent from each PCEPC member to be affected. If a member of PCEPC is contacted by a third-party to transmit correspondence to PCEPC members, the members shall direct the third-party to an Officer, Board Member or Executive Assistant of the PCEPC. The Officers, Board Member, and Executive Assistant of PCEPC reserve the right to distribute written or electronic communications to the members of PCEPC from third-parties. Said communication from third-parties will come directly from an Officer, Board Member or Executive Assistant of PCEPC, after said communication has been approved for dissemination to the members.